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2011 Talent At Oasis Summer Day Camp

At Oasis Summer Day Camp we are constantly striving to improve our program to provide the best summer experience possible. This year a few of our exciting additions came by surprise as we were interviewing our amazing counselors. We learned that the 2011 Oasis counselors are talented in ways that will bring new exciting opportunities to our campers. For example, counselor Amy has been a lifeguard, taught swimming lessons for years and is hopeful to offer herself as a resource to campers looking to improve on their aquatic abilities.

Winter Camp Celebration!

So, you have found and visited our website ( and viewed our summer dates, tuition costs, and action packed 2011 calendar of events.  You have investigated Oasis' reading incentive program, our visiting guests, our relationship with Gourmet Gorilla, and our talented camp leaders yet you still feel as though you have unanswered questions.  Do you want to know first hand what families really think about Oasi

Imaginative Play Builds Real Life Skills

We are reminded every time a new iPod or Facebook upgrade hits the market or a new smart phone is introduced to the public that technology is providing the power to transform our environment.  The popularity of video game systems like Nintendo’s Wii, Sony’s Playstation I, II, and III and the many portable electronic handhelds have brought about social change and how people interact with each other.  The first thing that comes to mind when talking about play are electronics and toys, kids staying indoors with their stuff.



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