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I'm Thankful for Summer Camp!

This Thanksgiving, gather the family together and talk summer camp. Although it may be a little early, if your child has transition worries or if it's the first year for your little camper, a supportive family environment is the perfect place to plan ahead. Your child may be thankful for the preparation, even if it is months early.

Some other reasons to consider talking camp instead of turkey this Thanksgiving:

Top Three Benefits of Sending Your Child to Day Camp

Entrusting someone with the care of your children is never an easy decision.  Parents want something that provides more than just adequate supervision.  According to the American Camp Association, more than 11 million adults and children attend over 12,000 camps in the United States each year.  There are numerous benefits to day camp programs. Consider our top three perks.  

Camp Fire Foods Kids Can Make From Oasis Summer Day Camp

The days of summer camp may be over, but there’s still time to take the kids on an autumn camping trip or simply have a cookout in the backyard. Here are some ideas for easy and nutritious foods kids can help make, or even make by themselves. Remember that it helps immensely to chop or slice ingredients beforehand and store them in plastic bags.

Hobo Dinners


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