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The Ted Fund Turns Kids’ Hot Summers Into Cool Summer Camp Experiences

Evanston children tend to have much different summer camp experiences, depending on their parents’ economic situation. The more affluent enjoy swim lessons, camps with sports activities, vacations etc., and have fun, enriching summers. For those living below the poverty line (nearly one in three in the Evanston area), extras like summer camps with accompanying enrollment fees, are not within a family’s budget.


Spending two days a week at a water park or beach is such fun for our campers, but ensuring it is safe fun is our top priority. Many parents of young children express concerns about swim days at summer camp. As parents of a young one, we understand how frightening it can be to trust others to supervise your child around water. For that reason we’d like to provide a little more information about how water safety is accomplished at Oasis Summer Day Camp.

Does My Camper Need Spending Money On Trip Days?

Each year Oasis Summer Day Camp, with locations in Winnetka and Highland Park, creates an action packed calendar of events that is filled with trips, special performers, water parks, and endless amounts of smiles and laughter.  One look at our schedule and you will find that we are visiting all the Chicagoland summer hot spots!  Often parents wonder if they need to pack money with their child in order to maximize the fun.  Oasis provides a full day of entertainment and no extra money is required.  Now that does not mean campers l

Oasis Summer Day Camp Selected for the 2011 Best of Winnetka Award

Earlier this year the US Commerce Association (USCA) selected Oasis Summer Day Camp for the 2011 Best of Winnetka Award in the Sports and Recreation category.  The selection as a 2011 Award Winner is a reflection of the hard work of not only Oasis staff, but of many people that have supported our business and contributed to the subsequent success o

What Is The Tree Fort Challenge and Why Should My Camper Do it?

If not active during the summer, students can lose up to the equivalent of 2.6 months of what they've learned during the school year.  This natural regression is something schools accommodate by reteaching at the beginning of the year but why not keep our children engaged in the summer months?  In our competitive world if young learners are not engaged year-round they are likely falling behind.  The Tree Fort Challenge is a way Oasis Day Camp helps stem this summer learning loss.  It is an optional, incentive based game designed


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