5 Easy Kids Summer Camp Recipes

Tired of the same s'mores and hot dogs by the campfire? Here are 5 simple campfire recipes to enjoy with the kids. They require little work and cleaning up is easy! Enjoy these at summer camp or in the backyard.

Breakfast In A Bag: Inside a brown paper bag, line the bottom with bacon. Cover the entire bottom and slightly up the sides. Crack eggs over the bag, placing them on top of the bacon. Fold the bag over a few times. Place bag on a grate over the campfire. Cook until the grease from the bacon is about half way on the bag.

Camp Kabobs: Cut up your favorite meat like beef or chicken. Slice onion and bell peppers. With your kabob stick insert vegetables, meat, cherry tomato, and repeat until desire amount of food. Place directly in the fire.

Orange Muffins: First cut the tops off the oranges. Then scoop the fruit out with a spoon. In a separate bowl mix together your favorite muffin mix. With the muffin mix, fill each orange just past the halfway mark. Place the tops back on the orange and wrap with aluminum foil. Place the foiled wrapped oranges in the campfire coals for about 20 minutes.

TIP: Pour mix into a plastic storage bag. When ready to make the muffins, cut a corner, and have children squeeze the mix into the orange.

Campfire Eclairs: With a dowel or clean stick rub the end with butter. Wrap each end with biscuit dough. Cook over the fire until golden. Cool for a minute, then slide the dough off the stick. Fill whipped cream inside and top with chocolate syrup.

TIP: Wrap aluminum foil at the end of the stick before placing dough on top.

Campfire Cones: Chop up your favorite fruits such as bananas and strawberries. With a sugar cone, place some peanut butter inside. Then add your fruits, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. Wrap each cone in aluminum foil and place them over the hot coals for 5-10 minutes. Turning them once in awhile. 

Lastly, you can make endless of dishes with heavy duty aluminum foil. Just place butter inside the foil and add your meat at the bottom. Top with your favorite vegetables, seasoning, and sauces. Include high-moisture vegetables like tomatoes and onions. This will keep the meat from drying out. Seal the top and ends tightly and place your foil packet on the fire’s coals, not in the fire itself. Enjoy!

Oasis Summer Day Camp is available at two Illinois locations, Winnetka and Highland Park. Owned and operated by James and Brooke Schamber. Their mission is to provide families with an environment that promotes curiosity, creativity, and sportsmanship. Contact us for more details on the program and enroll your child.