April Update On Summer 2020

Dearest Camp Family,

Our last email was about hope for seeing our students this year again and for summer to be as planned. Today we still have hope, but it has changed a little bit. We now know that James and I will not be seeing our students this year and it breaks our hearts. We ourselves have a second and kindergartener in our home and each of them cried when they heard the news. To be honest, we did too. When we feel down we try to remember that we are fortunate to be healthy, to have technology that allows us to see and speak to our students and that we are pretty comfortable. Perspective does so much to lift us out of the funk!

Now, more about schools closing for the remainder of the year, we have seen some positive trend lines in regards to the virus with distancing. It is our thought that if we extend this, and keep our children home for another month and a half it will be what we need to emerge strong, healthy and SO READY for some togetherness and laughter. This is only our hope to get to where we need to be to still have a summer together.

As to the messages we have received from a few of you about what our plan is, well we don’t have a set plan. In unprecedented circumstances such as these it is impossible to know exactly what we will do. As reassuring as hearing someone has it all mapped out it is not fair or feasible to do. What James and I can tell you this. We are following the orders from the governor and will not open until he has determined it to be safe based on data. If this means weeks are closed, they will be and you will be refunded for those. If there are directives about maintaining smaller groups we will figure out how to divide up and maintain smaller numbers. In addition, James and I need to take a look at the larger Friday field trips. Those that are not rented out entirely for our group will be changed. I can almost hear the groan from the campers about saying goodbye to Great America, but it must be done. Keep an eye out for an edited calendar of events sometime in May.

I am sorry we can’t give more of a reassurance; boy would I love to feel confident and less anxious during all of this uncertainty and loss. Just know that we are here, we can’t wait to see you all again and we feel like camp is exactly what we need after this is over. Being together, having fun, spreading love and healing, I can almost picture it now, it is warming up and the sun is out. It makes me warm both inside and out.

P.S. Guys, homeschooling virtually is ROUGH! As a home with two educators we are on the struggle bus with all of this too, so take it easy on yourself. Be patient even if there is a little that doesn’t get done. It is not easy for any of us, and guess what, your babes will not be behind because we are all in the same leaky boat!

With Much Love,

Your Oasis Family