The History of Summer Camp

If you think about it, the concept of willingly spending time in the woods is a strange one. Evolved civilization began erecting buildings, shelter, and advancing technology, to get away from the hardships of living on the land. As civilization progressed, and people began to distinguish themselves more and more from nature, there was less of a need to spend time in the wilderness and even outside proper.

It was the increasing urbanization of most societies in America that left American children slowly distant to the health and beauty of spending time in nature. American parents wanted their children to experience a balanced lifestyle and to explore the wilderness. Summer camp became a solution for parents to encourage their urbanized children to spend time in nature to promote physical health, appreciation of nature, and character-building.

The history of summer camp begins with the organization of the original summer camp organized by William Frederick Gunn and Abigail Gunn, spouses and headmasters of the Gunnery School, a private school in Connecticut.  They took a group of kids into the wilderness in the summer of 1861 along Long Island Sound for two weeks to experience outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and boating.

Though the Gunn's was a sleep away camp, a day camp promotes the same fun under the sun activities and challenges without the sleeping-away bit. Just like the Gunn's impromptu summer camp, Oasis Summer Day camp runs throughout the summer to promote values, lessons, and fun otherwise hard to come by in city and other civilized life.

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