How Day Camp Helps the Children of Today

Summer day camp has been an American tradition for many years. Day camp has always been a place where children have been able to participate in different sports, arts and crafts, and other events tailored to help them gain confidence and make new friends. Most importantly for children today, it helps kids "unplug" and get involved socially.

Technology has many benefits; allowing us to access important information at virtually any time. Because of this, the need for children to socialize with peers in a group setting is more important than ever.  The skills developed throughout camp promote social and emotional connections, teamwork initiative, creativity, individuality, and self-confidence. Day camp allows kids to be kids; learning from each other and working together for common goals.

The supportive staff at Oasis Day Camp provides essential guidance by helping children develop their skills in a social setting. A good day camp staffer helps guide the camper in honing their skills as well as allows the child to explore his or her individual interests. A supportive staff member will also push even the youngest campers outside of their comfort zones, challenging them to take positive risks and engage in independent decision making.

Many call day camp a "priceless gift." Especially in the times in which we now live, day camp is more important than ever to the youth of America. As technology continues to change and evolve, it is more important now than ever to make sure children are gaining the social skills they need. We can be assured that campers are among those becoming well rounded and socially active. 

At Oasis Day Camp, campers can become involved in a wealth of events and activities. Some offered include fencing, floor hockey, rock climbing, dance-offs, cooking class, and caricature art. A parent can have peace of mind knowing their child is becoming involved and exploring what interests them in a hands-on environment. For more information on programs or for any other inquiries, please contact us.