May 2020 Updates

Hi Friends!

It has taken us some time to develop a plan and to keep camp as safe as possible this summer. We thank you for your patience and support as the summer plans evolve. We have provided a bulleted list below of changes we will be putting into place for this summer. Please see the updated calendar of events. 

· All travel to shared public destinations is canceled.
· Our open house is canceled. Shirts, bags, sunglasses, etc. will be provided on your camper's first day.
· One drop-off and pick-up location in Highland Park will ensure campers have the least number of transfers and exposure.
· Groups will have low ratios, approximately 1 counselor to 5 campers and groups will not intermingle.
· Stand alone sanitation stations will be added throughout the facility.
· Sanitizing and disinfectant procedures that follow CDC standards will be implemented. This is in addition to the custodial service already provided by the building.  Our award-winning program will also teach social distancing and hygiene lessons.
· Body temperature checks and sanitizing each morning before entering camp.
· Lower overall camper enrollment cutoff, use of masks and gloves.

Now for some good news.  Brooke has secured a private lake, beach and recreation area of 30+ acres for our use exclusively. No other groups have access to this privately owned property. No other group will be with us during our visits.  This summer will be more representative of times past. There will be fishing, swimming, kayaking, aqua jumping, hiking, games and picnics. This will be a wholesome summer of reconnecting and growth.