The Oasis Order Makes Summer Camp the Perfect Fit for Kids and Parents

Choosing the right summer camp can be a balancing game between parents and kids. Kids want to make new friends and have fun, while parents are concerned about educational opportunities and safety. Oasis Summer Camp is the perfect fit for the whole family! We've designed The Oasis Order to make sure we always provide kids and parents the best day camp in Illinois!

1. Safety

We know safety is the number one concern of parents and children alike, even if the children don't always know it! We make sure our campers stay safe with low counselor to camper ratios, meaning every camper is always under a watchful eye.

2. Fun

As soon as that last bell rings on the final day of school, school kids across the country have one thing on their mind for the next three months. Summer fun! Oasis Day Camp wants to help create those fun memories your kids will cherish for a lifetime with games and activities that cover a wide spectrum of interests, so there's something for the artist, the athlete or the budding professor in your family.

3. Communication

Are you curious about what's happening at Oasis Day Camp? We want you to have easy access to your kids while they are with us. Our owners are always on site, and we communicate with family and friends through social media, utilizing all the tools we can to give parents peace of mind.

4. Acceptance

We model acceptance for our campers and expect them to put it into practice at Oasis Day Camp. We want all our campers to be thoughtful members of their communities and consider it part of a summer well spent to build a camp that is a safe place for every child.

5. Positivity

When you picture a summer camp counselor do you picture a cheerful, smiling counselor full of good energy? So do we! Part of making camp fun is making sure we stay positive as we play games and learn new skills.

6. Convenience

With day camp locations in Winnetka and Highland Park and drop off times that offer flexible windows for drop-off and pick-up, we want to make sure kids have the chance to attend camp, no matter the particulars of a parent's work schedule. We make it easy for families to fit day camp into busy lives and kids are home for dinner every night to tell you tales from their day at camp!

Are you interested in enrolling your child at Oasis Day Camp? Please contact us for more information!