Oasis Summer Day Camp Partners with The Ted Fund

According to the Ted Fund, one out of every three children in Evanston comes from a family that cannot afford organized summer camp.  While they learn together in the classroom, during the school year the majority of children in this community spend their summers in very different worlds.  Children with ample resources are engaged in swim lessons, sports, drama, gymnastics, and other special enrichment programs.  Their summers are filled with rich experiences that allow them to grow socially, emotionally, and physically.  I think you would agree that this sounds like a summer experience we would all want for our little ones.  In contrast, children with limited resources are often left without programs that allow for learning about themselves and their world. Many of these children spend their summer in front of a television or wandering neighborhoods to look for entertainment.

The Ted Fund attempts to address a noticeable need in the Evanston community.   This organization provides the opportunity and means so that all Evanston children can enroll in the types of summer activities many of us take for granted.  By providing scholarships that last for three continuous years, to targeted public school students, many more children can take part in quality, fee-based summer programs like Oasis Summer Day Camp.  Last year 100 scholarships were awarded to Evanston children.  Oasis is proud to partner with the Ted Fund and hope you will visit their website at www.tedfund.org for more information and to perhaps help their cause by making an individual donation at www.tedfund.org/youcanhelp/volunteer.asp.