Recommended iPad Apps for Early Writing

Oasis Day Camp's Favorite iPad Apps for Early Writing

ABC Pocket Phonics Teaches letter sounds and letter formation.  Practice writing 170 first words FREE 4
 Alpha Writer
Movable alphabet to help children start writing. There is an emphasis on phonetic sounds. $1.49+ 3
Sound Literacy
An instructional tool for teaching phonemic awareness, phonological processing, alphabet principals and word study focusing on morphology.
$12.49+ 5!!!!!
LetterReflex-Overcoming Letter Reversals & Backwards Writing in Early Childhood Development and Dyslexic Children
Using arcade game action, Flip It challenges kids to visually discriminate and manipulate letters and words to match the correct orientation.  The activity will help hone their visual discrimination skills and further cement their knowledge of correct letter and word formation.
$2.99+ 5!!!!!