Thank You 2019 Friends and Families!

Each and every year we close the Oasis camp season and are moved by the feeling of gratefulness we feel for our campers, staff and families. This year it feels even truer than ever. It seems the past nine weeks flew by in a blur. Such wonderful days filled with smiles, cannonballs, dancing, trips, laser tag; knock out, learning and more. The quiet moments come to mind too…seeing new friendships blossom, hearing comforting words spoken between a counselor and camper, noting a shared kindness between campers with a sweet smile of thanks. Seeing many of our counselors as young adults who came to camp for so many years as children now grown up to be the wonderful people we knew they’d become. Finally, our own two children are now big enough to stay for a full camp day. Watching them grow along side campers has provided such joy. James and I began camp with the dream of continuing to do good for and with children all months of the year and with the notes of thanks we’ve received this year it feels as if its come true. What a treat it is to be able to soak up the love and joy of summer alongside children. In this, our tenth year, we feel so blessed and thankful for all whom allow us to do what we love and make Oasis the special place that it is. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!