Your Child’s Character & Personality Blossom with Diverse Day Camp Experiences

One of the great joys of parenthood is seeing your child’s unique character and personality develop right before your eyes. Your children are nurtured both by the daily routine of family life and the choices you make in giving them positive and unique experiences to unlock their individual talents and potential. Each new day in their young lives shapes them in ways that are difficult to quantify. These formative years have a tremendous impact on the confident and independent adults they will eventually become.

Immersing your child in enriching activities that build social, physical and intellectual skills is an investment that you and our staff at Oasis Summer Day Camp take to heart.

Diverse activities and friendships are key components of the experience.  Physical and intellectual challenges designed for fun and excitement unleash their leadership and team-building skills. Oasis Day Camp helps develop, build and enhance your child’s personality and character in a way that is a blast for them. All our enriching activities are designed to immerse your child in new and varied adventures while forming new social friendships outside their typical classmate and neighborhood circles. Your child may discover new talents, hobbies, and interests; all while learning skills that will serve them well throughout their lifetime.

Early Registration for Summer 2013 is in full swing. Contact us today!

Whether your child is a new or returning camper, we offer a number of packages to choose that will best suit their needs and your convenience for this summer. We are looking forward to a great day camp with your children this summer.