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If not active during the summer, students can lose up to the equivalent of 2.6 months of what they've learned during the school year.  This natural regression is something schools accommodate by reteaching at the beginning of the year but why not keep our children engaged in the summer months?  In our competitive world if young learners are not engaged year-round they are likely falling behind.  The Tree Fort Challenge is a way Oasis Day Camp helps stem this summer learning loss.  It is an optional, incentive based game designed

According to the Ted Fund, one out of every three children in Evanston comes from a family that cannot afford organized summer camp.  While they learn together in the classroom, during the school year the majority of children in this community spend their summers in very different worlds.  Children with ample resources are engaged in swim lessons, sports, drama, gymnastics, and other special enrichment programs.  Their summers are filled with rich experiences that allow them to grow soci

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