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With the cold, winter season upon us, it may be hard for your children to have fun while the weather remains uncooperative.  The frigid temperatures, biting winds, and snow may make it difficult for children to have fun outside.  They (and you!) could suffer from cabin fever, making time spent with them stressful and enjoyable.  Consider these activities to have winter fun while remaining warm.


Experienced educators know how important imaginative play is for developing children. Imaginative play stems from the imitation play that children engage in at earlier stages. Imitation play is the developmental stage where young children, typically age 1-3, are observing and processing the world around them. At the imitation stage, a child’s play reflects the actions of the adults in their lives.

Providing healthy and well-balanced meals for your children can be challenging on its own, and snack time is where our energy and commitment to making sure our children are eating right might wane.  “2 hours until dinner and you’re hungry?  Oh fine, just eat whatever’s in the cupboard.”  And of course, whatever they choose from the cupboard is filled with their favorite ingredients: fat and sugar!  If you want to keep your camper stocked on healthy and, yes, convenient and portable snacks that will keep th

Sending a child into a new situation, like Oasis Summer Day Camp , can be anxiety producing for both children and parents. No one knows quite what to expect and many children become flustered by transitions (e.g. school ending, camp beginning). Here are a few ways to ease the stress of these moments while your child adjusts to the daily routine of going to camp.

Parents and educators do not need to teach imaginative play. Instead, we have the simple job of facilitating imaginative play.

With the Holiday season upon us, it may seem a little soon to think about summer camp. It's never too soon to prepare your child for the summer. Books are a great way to introduce the world of summer camp! Through reading your child will get to hear about the camp experience through the eyes of some of their favorite characters.

Your little one is probably looking forward to being out of school for winter break, but you could be wondering about child care and how you're going to keep your son or daughter entertained during the holiday season. Luckily, there is a great solution -- day camp. These are a few reasons why.

1. Get Your Holiday Shopping Done

We typically think of camp as a signature summer activity. How about day camp for your kids in the Winter?

Why Winter Day Camp?

Technology, it seems, has become a part of every day living to the point that we would be lost without it. It is easy to see that even our kids are hooked as they spend several hours a day in front of a screen.

Most screen time is in solitude and some studies show that adults and children alike are losing social and communication skills as media and games take the place of face to face conversation.

Although your kids might be looking forward to their winter break, there's a good chance that they will be complaining about how bored they are before the break is over. The holidays can be stressful for you and your kids, between visiting with family, shopping and handling other things that you might not ordinarily do. A combination of this and impatient kids who are looking forward to the holidays, you could find yourself facing a disaster soon.