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Technology, it seems, has become a part of every day living to the point that we would be lost without it. It is easy to see that even our kids are hooked as they spend several hours a day in front of a screen.

Most screen time is in solitude and some studies show that adults and children alike are losing social and communication skills as media and games take the place of face to face conversation.

Although your kids might be looking forward to their winter break, there's a good chance that they will be complaining about how bored they are before the break is over. The holidays can be stressful for you and your kids, between visiting with family, shopping and handling other things that you might not ordinarily do. A combination of this and impatient kids who are looking forward to the holidays, you could find yourself facing a disaster soon.

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Oasis Summer Day Camp, LLC Receives 2015 Best of Highland Park Award

Highland Park Award Program Honors the Achievement

An Oasis Overnight!
*Camp Under the Stars Saturday, August 8th*


We’ll have a scavenger hunt, play games, hike, tell campfire stories, enjoy
refreshments, slumber with friends and so much more!

Oasis Summer Day Camp's 2015 Open House

James Schamber from Orrington Elementary School Named a Golden Apple Award Finalist

30th Anniversary of the Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching


Oasis Day Camp Is Getting Lunch Delivered Daily!