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Resilience – the ability to cope with stress and adversity – is a skill every child needs to be successful in life. It is a skill that empowers them to meet the increasing challenges they face as they mature. According to an article published by Psychology Today, summer camp is actually beneficial in developing that skill.

Tired of the same s'mores and hot dogs by the campfire? Here are 5 simple campfire recipes to enjoy with the kids. They require little work and cleaning up is easy! Enjoy these at summer camp or in the backyard.

Oasis Day Camp's Favorite iPad Apps for Early Writing

As parents, we want the safest environment for our children. Why not include education and fun in there, too. Oasis Summer Day Camp offers fun summer activities Monday through Friday, with field trips, sports, and guest performers. With healthy snacks and exercise, we promote good habits in the children attending our program. With our Tree Fort Challenge, our campers can enjoy an excellent summer reading program.

Oasis Day Camp's Favorite iPad Apps for Early Reading and Spelling

In Making Summer Count: How Summer Programs can Boost Children’s Learning, the authors note the positive effect summer reading programs have on kids.

Rigorous studies of voluntary summer programs, mandatory summer programs, and programs that encourage students to read at home in the summer have all found positive effects on student achievement. The combined evidence from these studies suggest that all of these types of summer learning programs can mitigate summer learning losses and even lead to achievement gains.

Keep the spirit of day camp alive this winter with mind helicopters, transistor modules and dome geometry. Anyone of these activities is guaranteed to enhance their science, art or mathematical skills.

One of the great joys of parenthood is seeing your child’s unique character and personality develop right before your eyes. Your children are nurtured both by the daily routine of family life and the choices you make in giving them positive and unique experiences to unlock their individual talents and potential. Each new day in their young lives shapes them in ways that are difficult to quantify. These formative years have a tremendous impact on the confident and independent adults they will eventually become.

In his article on CNN, Gary Huggins wrote about what he sees as a flaw in American education. He sees summer break antiquated and worthy of review since kids lose out on learning during that time away from school.  He says,

Choosing the right summer camp can be a balancing game between parents and kids. Kids want to make new friends and have fun, while parents are concerned about educational opportunities and safety. Oasis Summer Camp is the perfect fit for the whole family! We've designed The Oasis Order to make sure we always provide kids and parents the best day camp in Illinois!