Day Camp Activity For January

The Holiday Season is over. Families are packing away decorations until next season. There are many ways families celebrate New Year’s but one constant theme is the time spent in reflection and setting goals for the coming year. Why not make this something special with your family. Make an annual time capsule the entire family contributes to. Kids need to de-stress as well after the holidays. Time spent in this day camp-type activity can refocus your child.

Farewell For Now!

We want to thank all of our 2010 Oasis Summer Day Camp families for a spectacular year.  It was our dream to create a safe summertime community for children to be active, have fun, and grow.  We remember the summer months of our childhood fondly and have realized that once they are gone there is no feeling that is quite the same.  We feel that as a child, summertime is a rare opportunity in life when everyday is a new adventure that is better than the last.  A childhood summer seems to be limitless with such warmth and