5 Steps to Becoming a Better Speller

How To Become A Better Speller


1. Spelling is bolstered by reading, reading, and reading.  Establishing a night time reading routine at home is a great way towards spelling excellence.

2. Exposing young students to different types of text will increase knowledge of the way things are spelled.  Through newspapers, comics, novels, and billboards, your brain memorizes spelling patterns.

3. Become familiar with root words.  We get confused with prefixes and suffixes sometimes and forget the word's spelling.  Focus on identifying the root word and eliminate part of the problem.

4. Write, write, write and then write some more!  Journaling can help elementary school students identify which words "look right" and if your child is unsure use a dictionary (book form or iPhone app, it doesn't matter). 

5. Talk at home about general spelling rules such as:

a. "i before e except after c"

b. "the letter y preceded by a consonant changes to i before a suffix"

c. "most words drop the final silent e before a suffix beginning with a vowel"


A fellow educator once told me the English language is the most difficult language to learn because of its many rules.  With that said it's going to take young students some time in order to become proficient spellers.  The key is to make the time one does spend on spelling productive and not a drag.  Oasis Summer Day Camp recognizes the importance of learning year round.  Contact us today regarding our award winning program which blends both fun and learning.


Good luck!