The deeper, profound benefit of attending Oasis Summer Day Camp

School days tend to trigger a bit of anxiety for parents and children alike. Tests, grades, homework, on-going assessments...sometimes it simply becomes overwhelming, and we begin to long for days filled with care-free activities with no pressures for our precious young ones.

Of course we value our children's academics and understand the need for them to do well and succeed. But as parents, we equally value the need for our children to play, explore, laugh, express themselves and to just simply be, with no pressures.

Oasis Summer Day Camp provides this exact kind of environment for children: an environment that promotes playing, laughing, exploring, expressing and to simply be. And the beauty of it all? Children receive this opportunity through activities that are still centered around learning! The only thing different? There is freedom to just be a child, free from pressures and assessing eyes.

The daily camp schedule includes activities that keep children active and engaged. The leadership has created a WIDE variety of activities, inclusive of all interests: sports, games, field trips, swimming, arts and crafts, enrichment classes, special guests and events. This activity list is quite extensive, as it was designed with a great amount of care and a primary goal in mind: to provide your children with a tremendous opportunity to broadly widen their horizons in a safe environment, with no pressures.

Without question, Oasis Summer Day Camp will allow your children to experience daily activities unique only to this camp, with the freedom for your precious ones to be their wonderful selves!

We truly hope WE have the opportunity to experience your wonderful children! Please let us know if we can answer any questions you may have about our special day camp.