Educational Winter Fun Ideas From the Staff at Oasis

At Oasis Summer Day Camp Winnetka Illinois campus, we're all too familiar with the winter doldrums. Harsh winter weather makes it hard to play outside for too long, and everyone wants to just sit in front of the TV with a cup of hot cocoa. Don't let this dreary weather hold your kids back. Use some of these fun ideas to help them learn while they're having fun.

Indoor Fun

Create a snowball launch game using a simple lever and some pretend snowmen. Make snowballs from foam balls, ping-pong balls or even crumpled-up paper balls. Place the snowball on one end of the lever and have your child stomp on the other to watch the snowball fly. Place a target on the floor for an extra challenge. Young children can just have fun with the activity, but older children might experiment with how stomping harder or placing the ball in a different area can affect where the snowball lands.

Alternatively, you might bring some of the snow inside for some fun. Fill up a large pan or container with some of the snow from outside. Let kids play with it as though it were a sandbox. You might bring out some watercolor paints to let the kids experiment with how mixing two or more colors makes new colors.


Outdoor Fun

You can still have fun outside when the weather is cold. Bring some bubbles outside and have your child blow bubbles, then catch them on the wand. If it's cold enough, the thin walls of the bubble will start to instantly freeze, creating beautiful patters in the ice.

Kids might also enjoy testing the idea that "no two snowflakes are alike." Bundle yourselves up, then go outside on a day that big snowflakes are falling. Take a magnifying glass and a piece of colored construction paper. Catch snowflakes on the paper and look at them through the magnifying glass. Can they find two that are the same?


It's never too early to start thinking of summer camp. If you've liked these winter fun ideas, you'll love the summer fun we can offer your child. Contact us to find out how you can register your child for Oasis Summer Day Camp.