Enrichment Offerings For The Summer of 2017

Oasis Day Camp Friends and Fun

We all know comedy from its many forms; a feature film, television program, stand-up show or improv act. Less known about comedy, however, are the tools a comedian uses: the ability to think quickly; to express thoughts openly; to interact with the surrounding world.  In the most talented hands, these tools have produced some of the most legendary cultural icons, from the Marx Brothers to Jerry Seinfeld, Johnny Carson to Eddie Murphy, Mel Brooks to Tina Fey.  But even in the hands of you and me, these same tools are incredibly valuable to help ease tension and anxiety and to become more comfortable expressing ourselves with friends and strangers whether in private or on a public stage. Knuckleball Comedy is bringing improv comedy to Oasis Summer Day Camp this summer.  This summer we will have kids laughing and learning at the same time. With direction and coaching from an experienced comedian, kids will learn the basics of improvisation through high energy and mind focus games. At Knuckleball Comedy the goals are simple: build confidence, build communication, build focus while laughing the whole way through.

Lighthouse Education Inc. is an educational company that offers a full range of services focusing on STEAM Instruction in a common sense, future focused, and FUN manner of learning.  Oasis Day Camp is proud to partner and offer Lighthouse Education this summer!  Lighthouse Education Inc. began its official journey in early July 2016 but has roots in a professional educational career that spans 16+ years as a principal, teacher, and administrator. As an educator that has always been drawn to technology and has facilitated positive creative insubordination with teachers, students, and administrators, Lighthouse Education Inc. has decided to focus on STEAM Education without the constraints of an official public school title. We look forward to an incredible summer journey and hope your camper enjoys evertything from robotics to coding to drones!

At Sticky Fingers, in each class the mission is to cultivate a 'cool'inary curiosity in kids that will be the inspiration for a lifetime of health! Their curriculum uses the thrill of cooking to expand children’s enthusiasm for the tastes of healthy, seasonal food and is specifically designed to let young chefs explore and excel! In each class, students will use all of their senses to discover fresh, seasonally abundant foods!  While they’re touching and tasting, they’ll learn about eating nutritiously and seasonally. Whether for the first time or the hundredth, they’ll take pride in practicing a culinary skill, and will get to enjoy the fruits (or vegetables!) of their labor at the end of each class. Each week Oasis Day Camp kids (and their grown-ups) will have on-line access to a collection of recipes to share – and repeat – with their families at home.

Registration at Oasis Day Camp is underway.  Come join the fun today and experience all of our amazing offerings!