Help Your Kids Beat The Winter Blues With These Yoga Activities

Are you and your kids counting down the days until summer camp? Being stuck inside on cold, winter days can make kids antsy, but yoga is the perfect way to help them get moving and have fun doing it. Try these kid-friendly yoga activities with your family the next time you're indoors.

In adult yoga classes, breathing exercises are often used to release tension, balance the mind, and encourage deeper breath. Kids may not be interested in sitting quietly and breathing, but you can modify the breath techniques so that they'll have fun and get the benefits. Have them breathe like animals. They can sniff in and out through the nose, while pretending to be bunnies, hiss like a snake, buzz like a bee, or snore like a hibernating bear.

Play "yogi says". In this yoga version of Simon Says, the yogi demonstrates the pose while instructing the others to do it as well.  They have to listen very closely, just in case yogi doesn't say!

Sun salutations are the perfect way to blow off some steam. Make it kid friendly, by first, moving through a sun salutation the normal way, then having them do a "happy" salutation, then sad, angry, excited, tired, and bored. This puts an interesting spin on salutations, and encourages them to express emotions.

Cut out pictures of yoga poses from magazines, or print some out. Put the cut outs in a paper bag. Each participant randomly chooses a  cut out, then teaches the other players how to do the pose. Everyone gets to learn new poses, and children get to practice using words to bring about desired results.

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