Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Oh My!

Hi Friends!


We watned to touch base with you to share and explain a little bit about an exciting change to the Oasis Summer Day Camp schedule.  One new feature in 2014 is a science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) lab offered with your paid tuition using the LEGO STEM curriculum .  These are materials that serve as an excellent resource for teaching STEM concepts and will help to keep your learners engaged in critical thinking that is fun and engaging.

The LEGO Education learning philosophy is built on the “four Cs” concept:

Connect – Construct – Contemplate – Continue

Learners are given an open-ended task that allows them to find their own solution to the challenges placed before them. The active engagement of campers in problem solving encourages them to connect to their own interests and motivations. Campers are encouraged to ask questions and explore ideas to connect their newly acquired learning to their existing knowledge and areas of interest.

The core of every LEGO task involves building. By actively learning through tactile experience, campers construct knowledge in their minds. Campers also construct knowledge with others in group settings, where collaboration extends their learning even further.

Campers are given the opportunity to consider what they have learned through the construction activities. Through contemplation, students ask reflective questions about both the content and process of their learning. These questions are designed to help learners gain awareness of the process in which they are engaged, and to encourage exploring new ways to go about finding solutions to the challenges set before them.

Every LEGO task ends with a new task that builds on what has just been learned. Thus, campers are encouraged to continue their exploration and extend the experience beyond the classroom.

We are so excited to bring more fun learning to Oasis Day Camp's award-winning program and hope to see your family again this summer.  Early registration ends in 8 days so register now to save before late registration begins.  Click on the link in this email and enroll today!




Brooke and James Schamber