Thinking About Sending Your Child to Overnight Camp This Summer? Consider These Benefits of Day Camp Instead

Prevent Homesickness

A lot of kids -- particularly those who have never been away from home for very long -- feel quite homesick during overnight camp. Day camp provides a fun camp option without this issue.

Save Money

Some overnight camps are prohibitively expensive -- they just aren't the same as they were when you were a kid! Day camp can be an affordable alternative to help you provide your child with a good time without blowing your summer budget.

Ensure Your Child is Home for Summer Fun

You probably want to make sure that your child will be home for family fun that you have planned, birthday parties or summer trips that you might be thinking about taking. Ensuring that your child is home every day after day camp can be a better option than overnight camp for this reason alone.

As you can see, day camp can be a better choice for many kids -- and many of their parents -- than overnight camp. If you would like to find out more about day camp or would like to enroll your child, contact us today!