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In his article on CNN, Gary Huggins wrote about what he sees as a flaw in American education. He sees summer break antiquated and worthy of review since kids lose out on learning during that time away from school.  He says,

Choosing the right summer camp can be a balancing game between parents and kids. Kids want to make new friends and have fun, while parents are concerned about educational opportunities and safety. Oasis Summer Camp is the perfect fit for the whole family! We've designed The Oasis Order to make sure we always provide kids and parents the best day camp in Illinois!

Middle school students face a lot of challenges but number one on many people’s list? Bullying. Bullying has always been a problem, but rates of bullying have increased dramatically over the last ten years. Schools and school districts have been working to combat the bullying epidemic and have seen some success. Unfortunately, bullying isn’t relegated to school grounds. Bullying can happen anywhere - online, over the phone, through the mall, or at summer camp.

It seems we start putting our kids into categories earlier and earlier. We’ve all heard a mother talk about her son who is “all boy” and only interested in sports. Or we talk about our child being “the quiet one” who enjoys reading.  All kids have natural tendencies; some are quieter or more rambunctious, some prefer throwing a ball while others are always singing. But at a young age, none of this is set in stone. Maybe your young athlete would love to use some of his energy banging on a drum set.

Traditionally, children in the U.S. have scored lower on standardized tests in the areas of math and science compared to other nations. Educators agree that parents can help turn this trend around by encouraging their child's scientific curiosity from an early age. Getting children interested in science can lead to fulfilling hobbies and lucrative careers. The good news is that parents don't have to be scientists.

The Holiday Season is over. Families are packing away decorations until next season. There are many ways families celebrate New Year’s but one constant theme is the time spent in reflection and setting goals for the coming year. Why not make this something special with your family. Make an annual time capsule the entire family contributes to. Kids need to de-stress as well after the holidays. Time spent in this day camp-type activity can refocus your child.

Aristotle once said, “The soul never thinks without a picture.” While those words were spoken many hundreds of years ago, they have never applied more than they do in today’s world. Attaining goals in life requires us to have the capability of picturing both the path, and the end result in our minds. This mental imaging requires imagination, and encouraging this in children is paramount in their development.

If you're like any parent, you are probably a little stressed with having the kids hanging around the house during the winter break. Winter can make things a little more difficult because of the colder weather and limited activities.  However, the stress you're feeling now probably has you thinking a little bit about what your kids will do this summer.  

This year has been a challenging year in terms of news reports and incidents involving our youth.  Most of us know about the shootings in Aurora, Colorado, Portland, Oregon and now Newtown, Connecticut.  It is difficult in a multi-media world to control what our children see or are exposed to, so it falls on us as adults to make sense out of senselessness. So how can you approach your children with these very difficult conversations about life events?

It’s that time of the year when sleigh bells ring and lights of the season twinkle in the night.  It’s also that time when the children are out of school! Whatever shall you do?!

Fear not! We are here to offer you some great craft ideas that kids of all ages are sure to enjoy!