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Parents often worry about the negative effects of peer pressure. However, new research, conducted through a partnership between the Nova Scotia Research Foundation, the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Maritime Heart Center, shows that peer mentors have a positive influence on the amount of a child's physical activity.  The comprehensive study followed the progress of more than 800 students from 10 different schools.

Educators have long promoted musical training for students starting at an early age.   A new study, reported on by the LA Times, confirms that musical training stimulates brain development and improves learning skills for years even if your child discontinues formal lessons.

There are many reasons to send a child to summer camp. Among them, summer camp represents a valid solution to child care, as well as a traditional rite of passage.  A summer camp provides a safe, structured environment during parents’ working hours and fills a critical need for many parents who have few options.

The Oasis Order has helped build oasis summer day camp into a success.  For any structure to stand, the foundation must first be secure and that's exactly what this order has done for our program.  

This Thanksgiving, gather the family together and talk summer camp. Although it may be a little early, if your child has transition worries or if it's the first year for your little camper, a supportive family environment is the perfect place to plan ahead. Your child may be thankful for the preparation, even if it is months early.

Some other reasons to consider talking camp instead of turkey this Thanksgiving:

Entrusting someone with the care of your children is never an easy decision.  Parents want something that provides more than just adequate supervision.  According to the American Camp Association, more than 11 million adults and children attend over 12,000 camps in the United States each year.  There are numerous benefits to day camp programs. Consider our top three perks.  

Perhaps summer camp is still several months off, but you can still get into the fun and spirit by playing some summer camp games at home!  Here are 3 games you can play during the winter!

Nearly one out of every three children in Evanston comes from a family that cannot afford such extras as organized summer camp or recreation.

Come join the festivities at "Fun Fest 2012", the annual benefit for the Ted Fund.  Your attendance will help sponsor a child!


The days have turned chilly and students are back in school, but exercise is still an important part of staying healthy during the fall and winter months. Here are a few easy ways to keep kids active despite cooler temperatures.

Walk to School

Does your child’s school encourage a summer reading program?  If so, there’s a reason.